Student Support Services Overview


The ZIS Mission to Learn, Care, Challenge, and Lead provides the framework that guides the principles of our Student Support services. Our curriculum and programs are developed to challenge all of our students. Our programs provide caring environments that promote success. We provide a curriculum that extends and enriches our students' learning experiences. We see ourselves as leaders in international schooling promoting individual pathways for all students at ZIS.

University & Careers Counseling

Whether a ZIS student is planning to go to university, a gap year, military service or other options, the Upper School University and Careers Counselors provide each student assistance in that transition. More>>>

English as an Additional Language

Our EAL program is designed to provide academic and social support for non-native speakers of English. The program's primary purpose is to ensure that our students become proficient in English and achieve academic success. More >>>

Health Services

School nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the wellbeing and academic success of students and supports staff and faculty in areas related to health and wellness. More>>>

Speech & Language

The aim of our Speech and Language Therapy program is to identify, evaluate and treat speech, language and communication problems in individuals of all ages to enable them to communicate to the best of their ability.  More>>>

Individualized Learning

The Individualized Learning Program (ILP) serves students who benefit from small group, individual instruction and flexible programming, and accommodations that might be needed in mainstream classes and within the ILP. More>>>

Learning Support

Within our team we have professionals with expertise in a range of aspects of learning including learning disabilities/dyslexia, developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, language acquisition and literacy, speech language/communication problems, sensory integration, motor and physical disorders. More>>>


If a student requires regular and long-term tutoring assistance in a particular subject, (as opposed to general learning support), the school will work with the parents to provide such tutoring. The list of ZIS recommended tutors is continually updated.  All Tutors provide a criminal check, references and credentials to ZIS before they are included. More>>>

Student Counseling

The Lower, Middle and Upper Schools all have counseling departments designed to serve and assist the unique needs of their division. More>>>

Upper School Individualized Pathway

The Individual Learning Program (ILP) includes a Pathway with individualized instruction for identified students in the Upper School. More>>>

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps students to develop, improve and practice tasks and activities of daily living both in school and at play, enabling them to become more functional, successful and independent.  More>>>

World of Work

We provide a range of opportunities to enable students to gain work experience through our Internships Program, opportunities for part-time work through our Job Center and an annual Career Forum for students in Grades 10. More>>>

Volunteering at ZIS

Parents can volunteer to be a Student Mentor, Classroom Helper or volunteer to assist in one-off events.  You can find out more about the Student Mentoring program and how you can volunteer on the following page. More >>>

About Us

With more than 1,450 students at four unique campuses, ZIS offers an extensive educational program with all the benefits of size but the intimacy of smaller settings.



We know that choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions you can make for your child. Our Admissions Team is here to help and guide you through the process.


Learning at ZIS

At ZIS we recognize the unique and diverse nature of our students. That’s why accommodating the individual learning needs of each and every student remains our highest priority.


Student Life

Co-curricular activities challenge our students’ personal, social and physical development and encourage a greater passion for learning. Opportunities range from the arts to sports to outreach and service work and beyond.



ZIS has four unique campuses offering a personal experience to each of our students. Whether it is an old villa or one of our modern buildings, ZIS offers an age-appropriate environment for your child’s learning.



The ZIS community extends beyond our students and includes ZIS families, alumni, faculty and staff, corporate partners, neighbors and friends.



Once a member of our community, always a part of our family around the world! Our alumni include former students, former parents and former faculty and staff. At ZIS we welcome our alumni’s engagement and strive to help you stay connected with your ZIS.


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