Promoting Sustainability

Environmental Economics:

Environmental Economics is an elective class at the Upper School that focuses on two units of content: macro and microeconomics and three rounds of PBL (Project-Based Learning). During these PBL rounds students use the knowledge that learnt in the content units to produce successful projects.

Sustainability is the ability or capacity of something to be maintained or to sustain itself. It's about taking what we need to live now, without jeopardising the potential for people in the future to meet their needs. If something is considered sustainable, it should be able to continue forever.

Why sustainability is key to our community
Sustainability is important within the ZIS community due to the fact that we are a community that creates quite a large carbon footprint. With 1,500 students and over 300 faculty and staff in our community, transportation is a major aspect that raises our carbon footprint. Furthermore, the energy consumption of our school raises our carbon footprint as well. It is our responsibility as a community to try to stay as sustainable as possible to benefit our environment.


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