Conclusion of ZIS Five-Year Visit

Following our recent 5-year accreditation vist from the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC), we are pleased to share this summary of the oustanding concluding report from the accreditation visitors:

  • Zurich International School is a fine school. It is well governed, well led and the faculty and staff are all deeply committed to ensuring the best for the students in line with the school’s mission.
  • Impressive to note was the excellent relationship that existed between the Board and the Director and the clear understanding at a Board level of its role and that of the Director.
  • The Visitors also noted an engaged, cohesive and highly capable senior leadership team, a motivated faculty, a wonderfully supportive parental body and an outstanding group of students who, in themselves, were wonderful ambassadors for the school.
  • It was obvious to the Visitors that ZIS is entering a new and exciting stage in its development and that the significant work that has taken place in the period since the Team Visit has ensured that the school is in an excellent position as it moves forward.
  • The focus on articulating a clear strategic orientation underpinned by a fundamental commitment to learning, the work in the area of professional growth planning, the development of the Learning First Framework, the compensation review and work in relation to finance and facilities are but a few of the considerable initiatives that the school has undertaken and are themselves indicative of an organisation that is clear in purpose, dynamic and fully aligned to its mission.
  • A great deal has been achieved over the course of the past five years and all those involved with the design and implementation of a range of initiatives should be proud of their individual and collective achievements.
  • In reflecting on the organisational culture at Zurich International School, the way in which the closure of the Baden campus was handled and the professional way in which the compensation review was accepted exemplify the defining characteristics of the school – it is indeed a caring and compassionate organisation.
  • The hospitality afforded the Visitors was exceptional and the Team would like to convey its thanks to the school for its outstanding hospitality and facilitation of a schedule – that whilst complex – enabled them to see all sections of the school and thus make informed observations about all aspects of the school’s operations.
  • In closing the Team would like to wish the school all the best for the future and it is hoped that this report will help ZIS as it moves forward in the accreditation process.

ZIS (with its predecessor schools) is the oldest accredited school in Switzerland, having been accredited since 1971.

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