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Tier Two


Tier Two

Bilingual Pathway

Our bilingual pathway is expanding to children aged 3 to 8 in August. Learn more.

Lower School (Ages 3-11)

The Lower School at Zurich International School is a global community where students from over 50 nations, speaking 40 different languages, feel at home.

Middle School (Ages 11-14 Years)

ZIS is committed to providing excellent learning experiences in a structured, healthy, and caring environment.

Bilingual Program

A bilingual program for children in Kindergarten 1 and 2, Grade 1 and Grade 2 (children aged 4 to 8).


Follow Your Path

By combining the benefits of size with our focus on every child as an individual, ZIS enables each student to follow their own pathway virtually or in the classroom. 

Wide Co-Curricular Program

Our extensive co-curricular program provides a variety of options including service clubs, music, theater, model united nations and sports.

Upper School (Ages 14-18)

Our goal is to meet each student where they are, to ensure that they are challenged, and to be supported in an effort to achieve more than they thought possible. 

Academic Excellence

We challenge our students to exceed their own academic expectations.

State of the Art Facilities

We provide developmentally-appropriate learning experiences in small learning environments.


ZIS Facts

92%of current parents recommend ZIS

70+ Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses offered

93% of current students recommend ZIS

323+universities from around the world accepted ZIS graduates over the past 3 years

55+ countries represented in our community

1,200 students across our three age-appropriate campuses

4major school productions a year plus a range of student-led performances

19varsity sports teams compete at home and abroad

10+ service learning groups in the Upper School

1:1 ratio of iPads in the Lower School and Notebooks in the Middle and Upper Schools

Community Voices

Isabel, Class of 2020

Isabelle explains why leadership is about the team
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Isabelle, Class of 2020
Article - Voices Magazine, Spring 2021
Henrik, Grade 6 shares his passion on public speaking

Henrik, Grade 6, on his love of public speaking.
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Henrik, Grade 6
Article - Voices Magazine, Spring 2020
Valerie Monticone

Valerie, Grade 12, shares her love of languages.
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Valerie, Grade 12
Article - Voices Magazine, Summer 2019
Ibi Oubda

Don’t be fooled by his laid back demeanor – PE teacher Ibi Oubda is as passionate about education as they come.
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Ibi Oubda
Article - Voices Magazine Summer 2019
ZIS Grade 8 student

Lucy, Grade 8, always has pen and paper to hand.
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Lucy, Grade 8
Article - Voices Magazine, Winter 2019
Erika Darmstaedter

From self-styled ‘ski bum’ to award-winning ad agency leader, Erika Darmstaedter (1979-81) is proof that there’s more than one route to success.
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Erika Darmstaedter (class of 1981)
Article - Voices Magazine Winter 2019
Dan Allen

With a dash of this and a dollop of that, Middle School Maths teacher Dan Allen is the improvisational – inspirational – king of the kitchen.
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Dan Allen
Article - Voices Magazine Winter 2019
Phil Chisholm

Seeing such young kids so comfortable, both with their music and in front of an audience, is very uplifting, and to see them develop through music I find extremely hopeful. My daughter is having a very positive time in Grade 4, and I can say with great certainty that music is playing a big part of that.

Phil Chisholm
Current Parent
Guy Spier

I feel so lucky and grateful to have ZIS in my life. No matter how our children's new adventure unfolds, the Spier family will never leave ZIS. You can count on us as lifelong members and supporters.

Guy Spier
Current Parent
Christian Tang

We've been really impressed with the ZIS student interns we've had at Heptagon during the past two summers. They bring an enthusiasm to learn and also to share their skills and perspectives with us - so it's a two-way, win-win relationship.

Christian Tang-Jespersen
Executive Vice President, GM Optical Sensor Solutions