Tier Two


Tier Two

Individual Pathways

With a focus on the whole child, we promote and foster individual passions, talents and aspirations.

Caring Community

We provide a caring environment for the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of our students.

Small Learning Environments

Our four age-appropriate campuses ensure small learning communities.

Follow Your Path

With all the benefits of size but the intimacy of smaller settings, ZIS enables each student to follow their own individual pathway.

Futuristic Thinking

ZIS focuses on educational innovation and challenging traditional paradigms through research and the ZIS innovates program.

Academic Excellence

We challenge our students to exceed their own academic expectations.

Wide Co-Curricular Program

Our extensive co-curricular program provides a variety of options including service clubs, music, theater, model united nations and sports.

State of the Art Facilities

Our facilities provide opportunities for developmentally appropriate learning experiences.

ZIS Facts

1,400students across our 4 age-appropriate campuses

70+ Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses offered

323+universities from around the world accepted ZIS graduates over the past 3 years

55+ countries represented in our community

4major school productions a year plus a range of student-led performances

19varsity sports teams compete at home and abroad

10+ service learning groups in the Upper School

1:1 ratio of iPads in the Lower School and Notebooks in the Middle and Upper Schools

Community Voices

Guy Spier

I feel so lucky and grateful to have ZIS in my life. No matter how our children's new adventure unfolds, the Spier family will never leave ZIS. You can count on us as lifelong members and supporters.

Guy Spier
Past Parent
Michael Johnson, ZIS Alumni

The international experience I got from the school means it's easy for me to put myself in the shoes of people from other cultures.

Michael Johnson
Alumni, Class of 1990, Test Automation Engineer at Bungie
Max Stroemer

My years as a student at the Wadenswil, Kilchberg and Adliswil campuses have firmly established the values of learning, caring and the importance of relentless challenge and leadership into my world view. Above all, it is my esteemed educators and peers with whom I have had the privilege of learning with, that have defined my ZIS experience. An experience that has truly made ZIS my home and continually inspires me to grow as a gentleman and a scholar.

Max Stroemer
Student, Grade 11
Viki Stiebert

It has been a privilege being part of this community and the connections I have made with other educators, parents and children have been life shaping. ZIS has been a true home to not only myself but also for both my daughters who graduated from ZIS and have continued their learning in leading universities in Holland and Scotland. I could not have wished for a better place to be!

Viki Stiebert
Past Parent and Past Lower School Principal
Cris Haas

I am incredibly grateful that Andres has such an enriching and nurturing as well as stimulating school environment where he can learn and thrive. As a parent, the SGIS presentation is one I will not forget. It was very touching to see so many teachers who taught Andres since he was four years old attending the session.

Cris Haas
Current Parent

We love many things about ZIS, but the experiences our children have had on the school's trips have been life changing. They will cherish their time in Leysin, Torgon, Davos, Rome, and Kandersteg forever.

Jamie Neusel
Past Parent
Andrea Withers

Students take active control of their own education, reflecting on their learning goals and their growth throughout their time at ZIS. This is a high achieving, fast-paced environment for teachers, making every day at work both exhilarating and interesting. It is a magical place, set in the middle of picture-perfect Switzerland.

Andrea Withers
Lower School Homeroom Teacher
Christian Tang-Jespersen

We've been really impressed with the ZIS student interns we've had at Heptagon during the past two summers. They bring an enthusiasm to learn and also to share their skills and perspectives with us - so it's a two-way, win-win relationship.

Christian Tang-Jespersen
Executive Vice President, GM Optical Sensor Solutions
Clare Matern

ZISMeets have been amazing for reconnecting with old classmates as well as meeting new friends from the ZIS community. I feel like everyone who has spent any time at ZIS (or IPSZ as I knew it) are all connected by shared experiences and ZISMeets have brought us together to share stories and learn from each other.

Claire Matern
Alumni, Class of 2010