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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The ZIS Safeguarding Committee continues to meet daily to review this constantly evolving situation. Our priority is to minimize risk, to safeguard our academic day, and to maintain normal curricular experiences. We are striving to balance caution with reason and implement responses that are prudent, justified, and effective. 

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Reporting and Exclusion

Are you experiencing symptoms?

If you, or anyone in your family, experiences flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose), contact immediately - first by phone - a doctor or the Coronavirus Info-line (+41 584 63 0000).

Affected Areas

Information from The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (10 March, 2020):

"Almost all regions of the world are at risk of contracting the new corona virus. That is why we have no longer defined “affected areas” since March 9, 2020."  

Additional Support

In a continued coordinated effort school wide to support our students and families, the counseling department is assessing the situation with students and employees on each campus to be able to offer specific support as needed. 


  • Please feel free to contact a counselor should you become aware of any student who has expressed excessive worries about the spread of the virus or has experienced mistreatment due to nationality or ethnicity.   
  • All students, parents and staff are welcome to talk with the ZIS counselors to get advice about ways to cope best through this time. 

School Communications

A record of school communications are available on the following link. Please note Parents, Students and Faculty & Staff will need to use their Community Portal password. 

School Communications

Our Community's Response

We are proud of our community's response to the situation which has meant the cancellation of many events. Students, faculty and staff have created alternative experiences locally or between campuses to replace those impacted activities. 


Our Upper School Student Council President Isabelle D. summed up both the importance of our co-curricular programs and what we at ZIS believe about character at an assembly when she said: "Though it is extremely disappointing to not be able to display your hard work at a competition or event, please know that none of this work went to waste, and your efforts have all still helped to positively impact your teammates, peers, the ZIS community, and yourselves. Success is not best measured by your rank at a competition or the amount of money you raise, but rather through the progress you experience as a team, and how you handle setbacks, then come back even stronger. The way you handle these unfortunate circumstances will make you grow as people and as a team."   

World Health Organization - Washing Hands