Individual Pathways

At ZIS, we see each student as an individual, with their own unique interests, strengths and capabilities. We also believe that students benefit enormously from being able to chart their own individual journey. This is why we do everything we can to help our students make the most of all the options available.

At every stage of their education, the school curriculum provides students with a broad range of academic opportunities.

Beyond this, ZIS offers extensive extra-curricular activities, ranging from a large selection of sports disciplines to music, theatre, and service clubs, including MUN (Model United Nations). This means that throughout their time at the school, students have choices, and can design a combination of these to form their own individual pathway – provided of course that their choices align with the programs we offer and the resources available. Their academic pathway, enriched by extra-curricular choices, strengthen their academic, physical and social growth.

Student Voices

ZIS Grade 8 student

Lucy, Grade 8, always has pen and paper to hand.
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Lucy, Grade 8
Voices Winter 2019

With a sci-fi novel under his belt, Leo can’t get enough of the written word.
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Leo, Grade 4
Voices Summer 2018
Liam, Grade 12

Liam says that when you solve a math problem with logic it feels like you’ve been touched by brilliance.
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Liam, Grade 12
Voices Winter 2017

All the world’s a stage for Filippa (Grade 7) – and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Read more >>>

Filippa, Grade 7
Voices Spring 2017

Emerson loves Kindergarten and says her favourite time is when the class get to explore the forest. Read more >>>

Emerson, Kindergarten
Voices Spring 2016