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Strategic Plan

An education for a changing world

At ZIS, we deliver an education for a changing world. We want every student to thrive, and to make their own impact locally and globally. That means discovering how to learn, rather than just what to learn. It means giving each child an outstanding education that focuses on character as well as academics. It means providing the right environment for that learning, from excellent campus facilities to a sustainable financial model that gives us the strongest foundation possible. And – at every step – we will speak clearly about our plans, and collaborate with our community to keep building and growing, together.


Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Ron Steijn and ZIS Director Lisa Lyle introduce the ZIS Strategic Plan. 

Strategic Plan Overview

ZIS Priorities


Older student and smaller student surf on a rocket to illustrate academic challenge

Academic challenge and support for each student

We will provide an education for tomorrow’s opportunities. We pledge to deliver outstanding teaching, led by well-supported teachers. We will provide clearly-defined academic and co-curricular activities, with a strong focus on STEM. And we will draw from data and other insights to ensure that your child’s education builds on their unique potential.

An older and younger student walk through a field to illustrate resilience in character and wellbing.

Thriving school culture and community

We will provide an education that builds on who your child is, as well as what they know. We will ensure that your child understands the importance of good values, and the power they hold to make the world better. And we will ensure that ZIS supports your child’s social, emotional and mental well-being throughout their journey with us.





Local Impact and global reach

We will develop true global citizens who recognize the value of their local community. Your child will be open to different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. They will understand the importance of inclusion and equity. And – through our excellent German pathways and local connections – we will help your child develop a bond with their community and a desire to support it.

ZIS Bilingual Program

Enabling the ZIS Experience

Excellent campus facilities

A 21st-century education requires 21st-century facilities. The two-hub model, with the new Middle School a central feature, will enable us to to deliver a more inspiring environment and a more connected community.

New Middle School

Sustainable financial model

While we are a non-profit organization, we will maintain a business mindset. We will ensure that ZIS manages its budget in a rigorous yet responsible way, with an approach to student enrolment, retention and staffing that sets the school up for growth and success.



Transparent, collaborative stakeholders communications

Our community plays a vital role in who we are. We will use all relevant channels to communicate, and welcome input from all constituents. We will also instil a sense of pride in being part of these discussions, with a particular focus on advocacy and philanthropy

Our Plan for the Future