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Lower School girl working out a problem on the Smart Board
Always looking forward, always learning
Upper School student in the science lab, one student is looking through a microscope
Where students take their own path

Continuous Learning Plan in Action

Our Virtual Campuses

If restrictions due to the pandemic necessitate it, learning can continue with a full online offering through our Continuous Learning Program for our very youngest children up to our most senior students.

We fully utilize online learning platforms to deliver rich and varied learning experiences to our students for them to continue on their chosen individual pathway, as well as focusing on our development standards of competency, conceptual and character. 


See our Continuous Learning Plan in Action

How We Teach Our Classes

Early Childhood German
Grade 4 Writing
Middle School French
Middle School English
Grade 9 Maths
Middle School Science

What Our Parents and Students Say

Alyssa - Lower School Parent
Tomas - Middle & Upper School Parent
Melanie - Lower School Parent
Isabelle - Grade 12 Student Council President

Our Teachers' Experience

Lower School
Michael Milne

We may be living through uncertain times, but there’s one thing I’m sure of, and which I told my students just this morning: this experience is something we will all remember for the rest of our lives.

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Middle School
Mary Sue Southon
Mary Sue Southon

One of the best things to emerge from the recent situation is that students are taking more responsibility for their own learning.

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Upper School
Will Sloop
Will Sloop

This experience has been an amazing learning opportunity – for teachers, as well as students.

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Lower School back to school
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Middle School back to school
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Grade 9 back to school
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Continuous Learning Plan

What our parents say about the CLP

I love how the CLP structured the day for my daughter, I’m happy to see her engaged with her teachers and friends from different classes throughout the day and week. I enjoy listening to their video chatting and laughing, I found it very important to keep them motivated and supported during this unusual time. I’m so grateful to her teachers - they are amazing at checking in - and to the kids and how positive they sound during the lessons. 

The morning meetings have been wonderful, they really start the day off well and help us get into a routine. Any instructions teachers give where the logistics or 'tool' stays the same every day is great eg: G5 has a daily reading journal to complete and the format is the same (in a slide show) every day so they only had to figure out the 'logistics' once. PE has been fantastic and has got us all moving! It is evident how much work teachers have put into preparing the learning and all the Seesaw comments have been much appreciated too. 

We both think it works well. This is just what it is and we have to work with it. I like to see she still contacts her friends to do homework together or ask questions. The system leaves enough space for them to socially interact in between and after the classes. We both really like that because it helps them to be positive give support to each other interact with each other almost like they would at school. 

Luke has been happy to get up each morning and "go" to class. After he finishes a lesson, he enjoys his 10-minute break and then is ready to get back to it. He's enjoying the structure, feels the amount of work is right, and has felt that the check-ins are helpful.

I have to say that the ZIS staff is going above and beyond in this situation and the work they are putting together for the children is simply amazing. I don’t know how they manage to come up with so many ideas day after day. 

We're deeply grateful for the CLP program and the structure it's brought into our house at this time! Great job!