Tier Two


Tier Two

Student Support Services

ZIS is an inclusive school which uses a Multi Level Support Structure (MLSS) to meet the needs of all learners.

Zurich lnternational School welcomes and celebrates diversity among our student population for the mutual benefit of all. We support an inclusive model of education that serves a managed number of students representing a full range of learning profiles including mild, moderate and intensive needs. The goal of our inclusive model is to provide high quality and challenging learning experiences purposefully meeting the needs of all learners. The whole community shares common rights and responsibilities, working collaboratively towards fulfilling the ZlS Vision and Mission, Learning Principles, and Character Standards.

University & CareersUniversity & Careers Counselling

Whether a ZIS student is planning to go to university, have a gap year, do military service or pursue other options, the Upper School University and Career Counselors provide each student assistance in that transition.

English as an Additional LanguageEnglish as an additional language

Our EAL program is designed to provide academic and social support for non-native speakers of English.

Intensive Learning Provision

Individualized Learning Program
Intensive Learning Provision (ILP) serves students who benefit from small group, individual instruction and flexible programming.

Health ServicesHealth Services

We have nurses at each campus to support students and employees, not only with any illness and well-being issues while at school but also with general health and wellness.

Student CounselingStudent Counseling

The Lower, Middle and Upper Schools all have counseling departments designed to serve and assist the unique needs of their campus. Counseling support is also offered at the ECC.

World of WorkWorld of Work

We provide a range of opportunities to enable students to gain work experience through our Internship Program, opportunities for part-time work through our Job Center and an annual Career Forum for students in Grade 10.