Tier Two


Tier Two

Intensive Learning Provision

Intensive learning provision is provided for a managed group of students who benefit from specialized teaching, mainstreaming and individual or small group teaching. The students participate in their grade level classes and may receive targeted individual or small group support in addition outside of mainstream classes, based on their needs.

There is not a fixed  program, but rather each student’s individual education plan (IEP) outlines their specific goals, and a schedule is designed to meet their needs. For example, some benefit from one to one instruction in literacy or mathematics, some benefit from work in smaller groups, and some require speech and language or occupational therapy. Some students benefit from a range of accommodations and modifications in the classroom such as extra time, the use of technology, or an individualized literacy program. The support team works together to design a program that is appropriate for each student. This is regularly reviewed and adjusted.

The classroom and specialist teachers and the dedicated support team work closely together to support all students. The ratio of specialized teacher/assistant teacher to student is typically 1:2 for students with intensive needs. This allows for individually tailored support to meets the needs of each student.

Further information is available below:

Whom do we serve?

Intensive learning provision was developed to support students who need specific academic, social, emotional or behavioral support beyond what traditional counseling or learning support programs provide, for example students who demonstrate exceptional abilities, developmental delays, cognitive challenges, and autism spectrum disorders.  

Students who are admitted to this level of support may have a modified curriculum, and are included in regular classes as much as possible.  Individualized programs are developed to build academic and social skills. A range of collaborative teaching strategies are used to enhance the learning environment.  

The Lower and Middle School Programs each offer a 2:1 pupil-teacher ratio for a managed number of students.  

The Upper School can tailor a program for students that may include externally provided vocational courses and work experience, in addition to Upper School course offerings.

ILP Admissions Information

When applying for admission the following documents are required:

  • Current Educational Psychological Assessment
  • Current IEP
  • Current school reports
  • Speech and language assessment (if receiving services)
  • Occupational therapy assessment (if receiving services)
  • Report from current psychologist, counselor or psychiatrist
  • Medical records (if medical conditions affect learning)
  • Parent letter (in a million words or less tell us about your child…)

Interested families should contact our admissions team for more information.