World of Work

ZIS and our community support students in their transition from school to higher education study at university and onward to the world of work.

In addition to our comprehensive University and Careers Counseling service to students and parents, we also have a number of services and events that enable students to gain work experience including our Internship Program, opportunities for part-time work through our Job Center, and an annual Career Forum for students in Grade 10.

Job Center - Bringing Students and Jobs Together

ZIS Job CenterThe ZIS Job Center helps Upper and Middle School students get work experience and earn some spending money through part-time employment within the ZIS community. It is a non-profit organization, not an employment agency. The Job Center is coordinated by a parent volunteer and no fee is charged for the service.

The Job Center provides jobs in the following categories: babysitting, tutoring, pet care, computer assistance, party helping, entertainment, home maintenance, commercial, office assistance and more.

Students and employers can register with the Job Center using the forms below:

Job Center Student Registration Form
Job Center Employer Registration Form

For more information please email:

Internship Program

ZIS Internship ProgramThe Internship Program offers Grade 11 students the opportunity to experience the world of work for two to six weeks during the summer vacation.

A wide range of large and small companies, hospitals and other organizations offer our students these experiences through the program, which includes workshops where students learn how to write a resume/CV, create a meaningful ‘letter of motivation’ and prepare for interviews with organizations.

These opportunities provide real-life experiences which help students understand the world of work and what life post-ZIS might look like.

In addition these unpaid 'real life' opportunities support students when applying to university.

Career Forum

The annual Career Forum provides our Grade 10 students with information about career paths across a variety of fields and functions.

Panelists, who are experienced and senior practitioners from a wide range of industries, provide our students with an insight of their working role, the skills and qualifications required to work in their industry and what career paths they can pursue.

The format of each panel is informal, with panelists and students talking about career paths. Students have the opportunity to ask questions to panelists in small groups as well as in a larger open forum. Questions center on the different educational and career paths that led the panelists to their current positions.