Apply to ZIS

Applying to ZIS is a three step process. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Before proceeding, we encourage you to read these documents thoroughly:

ZIS Admissions Policy
ZIS Parent Partnership
ZIS Financial Regulations

Students are accepted on a space-available basis throughout the current school year. Applications will not be accepted more than two years in advance of the expected date of entry. The Admissions team is happy to answer any questions at any time of the application process.

Step 1: Online Application form

Completing the Application Form

We look forward to receiving the application for your child(ren) to join us at ZIS.

  • If you have not submitted an Inquiry form, you will be asked to create an account with a photo of your child(ren).
  • If you have already submitted the Inquiry form and therefore have an account, please continue the process with the same login.
  • If you are returning to ZIS or if you have already applied or inquired during a previous year, please contact the Admissions team and they will reopen your record.

Paying the Application Fee

Once you have completed the Application form you will be asked to pay the Application fee of CHF 520 per child.  This can be completed online via credit card. 

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Step 2: Supporting documents

In addition to the Application form, ZIS requires supporting documents for each application. Exact requirements vary by grade: you will find an individualized list on your checklist once you have submitted the Application form and paid the Application fee. Supporting documents may include; school records, teacher recommendation forms, a copy of his/her passport and any specialist reports (if applicable). Please note, we require teacher recommendations to be completed on our own forms. You will be able to access these through your checklist as well.

Students applying for entry in the second semester of grade 7 to grade 12, who do not have English as their mother tongue, or have not been using English as their academic language for the past three years, will be asked to complete an English Assessment. To learn more about the English levels click here: English levels.

Step 3: Application Review

Once the Application is completed with the supporting documentation, it will be evaluated by our Academic Review team .

In most cases this process does not involve an interview. However, in some cases a phone call or in-person meeting with the Principal may be necessary to discuss the application in more depth. The Admissions team will inform you if this is required.

Once the Student file is academically approved:

  • The Admissions team will contact you and offer your child a place, if available
  • Upon payment of the full Registration fee (non-refundable), a Confirmation of Acceptance will be emailed to welcome your family to ZIS.
  • If space is not available, your child will remain in the wait pool and the team will contact you as soon as a place opens up.

After the acceptance, subjects specific placement test/screening might be required to place a student in the correct level of a course - i.e. mathematics, foreign language and science.

If you have any questions or queries about the admissions process please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Team:

Telephone: +41 58 750 25 31