School Tuition Fees

ZIS is committed to excellence in education and the personal growth of every student. By offering large school opportunities in small learning communities, ZIS meets the needs of each student by developing individual learning pathways. Combined with academic rigor, our students’ experiences extend beyond the classroom and this equips them for success and global citizenship.


What do tuition fees include?

Application/Registration (per student)

  • Application - CHF 500 (plus credit card fees), a one-time non-refundable charge, also covers registration for Early ZIS and Pre-School.
  • Registration as of Pre-Kindergarten, CHF 4,000
  • Re-application (valid for one admission cycle) CHF 500 (plus credit card fees)

What are the tuition fees for 2019/20?

Lower School - Ages 3-11

Early ZIS/Pre-School, PS1 - Mornings - CHF 16,300

Early ZIS/Pre-School, PS2 - Mornings and 2 afternoons CHF 20,500

Early ZIS/Pre-School, PS3 - Morning and 3 afternoons CHF 22,400

Early ZIS/Pre-School, PS4 - Full days CHF 25,900

Pre-Kindergarten - Full days CHF 26,800

Kindergarten-Grade 5 - Full days CHF 30,700

Middle School - Ages 11-14

Grades 6-8 - Full days CHF 34,000

Upper School - Ages 14-18

Grades 9-12 (13) - Full day CHF 36,600

Intensive Learning Provision

Intensive Learning Provision or ILP serves a small group of students who benefit from specialized teaching, a differentiated day or schedule, mainstreaming and small group scenarios. Further information is available in our Student Support Services section.

Grades Kindergarten-Grade 5 - Full days CHF 53,200
Grades 6-8 - Full days CHF 56,500
Grades 9-12 (13) - Full days CHF 61,600

Full details of our fees and information about ZIS families' obligations can be found in our Financial Regulations.

Please note: as with other international schools,external examination fees (i.e. IB and AP exams) are not included in the above.

ZIS also offers a range of additional services for families, including lunch, school transportation and before and after-school care. For further information please visit our Campuses page or contact our Admissions Team.

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