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New edition of Voices is out now!

ZIS Alumni greet each other at a ZISMeets event
Always looking forward, always learning
ZIS Alumni at an ZIS Meets Event
Always looking forward, always learning
Two ZIS Alumni performing at an event
Always looking forward, always learning
New edition of Voices is out now!

In the spring 2021 issue, we hear from a number of alums in the following articles:

Know thyself: Mark Thomas (Class of 1971), Reid Thomas (Class of 1974), Lesley Symons (Class of 1975), and Carlos Nielsen (alumni parent / current teacher) talk about their adventures of self-discovery.

Guide to Mental Resilience: Life coach Suzie Doscher (Class of 1974), gives us advice on mental resilience through an A-Z guide and how to build this into your life, work, and family.

My working day: Sophia Marti (Class of 2006) speaks about her working day and discusses the challenges she faces in running her own marketing business. 

My passion: Isabelle Dady (Class of 2020 & former Upper School Student Council President) explains why leadership is about the team and how her passion for public speaking helped to open up better communication campus-wide.

Sweet dreams are made of this: Milan Prenosil (alumni parent) describes how Zurich's chocolatiers are taking the art of chocolate into new realms.

Here is the latest edition of Voices.

Voices is in the post now but if you think you missed receiving your hard copy of Voices due to an out-of-date mailing address, please update your details here.

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