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Lower School student smiling a fellow students during class
The world is full of opportunity

At ZIS, we provide your child with a space in which they belong, so they can explore their role in their community, and beyond

ZIS Kindergarten child standing over a table and sorting through materials
We’ll give your child the structure to learn, and the freedom to explore

ZIS offers a transferable, transformative education which is open to everyone, but designed around your child

Who is the ZIS bilingual program for?

The ZIS bilingual program is a new additional pathway for students aged 3 - 8. 

If you want your child to:

  • have Swiss roots and a global outlook. We offer a strong academic program in both German and English in an international environment;
  • stay in Switzerland in the long-term or be open to an international move;
  • go to a German language university.

The ZIS Bilingual Program is available to families who want their child to develop both German and English as an academic language.

Two ZIS Kindergarten students working aimiably together


  • We are now accepting applications for Pre-School, Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 (children aged 3-8) for August 2022.
  • As the Kindergarten class for August 2021 is now full, applying early is recommended.
  • The program will grow to include students aged up to 12 in the coming years.
  • Follows the Swiss curriculum (Lehrplan 21)
  • Is taught approximately 60% German and 40% English (moving to 50/50 at the end of Grade 2)

Start Your Application

View our video about the Bilingual Program above

Mark Sturcke - Bilingual Homeroom Teacher

Find out more about the Lower School and ZIS Bilingual

Bilingual class teacher Mark Sturcke explains our holistic teaching approach.

Our new Bilingual Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten class will allow them to develop both languages in a supportive environment.



Why ZIS Bilingual

This is an exciting opportunity for your child to benefit from a strong academic program in both German and English in an international environment, which offers local connections as well as a global outlook. 

We aim to develop true global citizens who recognize the value of their local community. Your child will be open to different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. They will understand the importance of inclusion and equity.

What our parents say

Lower School Parent

My son is simply thriving at ZIS. He loves school, he loves his after school activities, his teacher motivates him … he has great friends. All of the support team are great! Quite frankly it makes me want to have a ‘do over’ – I want to go to ZIS myself!

Lower School Parent

This is a wonderful school. I can't believe how happy my boys are. Since they started at ZIS, there has not been one morning they have not woken up excited to go to school. And every day they come home with 'stars in their eyes' because something great has happened, or a teacher said something really nice to them.

New Early Childhood Parent

From day 1, it was clear that our daughter felt welcomed and supported. We love seeing her confidence grow and can’t wait to see how her curiosity and resilience will be nurtured further.

New Upper School Parent

The school welcomed us very warmly and we feel delighted to be a part of the ZIS community and fully trust that the school will continue successfully managing the COVID situation professionally and efficiently.

ZIS Experience

Lower School Assistant Principal welcomes a family to the Lower School

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We're Here For You!

Our admissions team would be delighted to meet with you via Zoom or a phone call to answer any questions you may have about ZIS Bilingual. 

Please complete the sort registration of interest form and we will get in touch with you.