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Campaign Initiatives

Four Middle School Girls in a row smiling
Building the Future of Learning

Empowering our students to thrive in a modern world. 


Four students on the  working outside on the sports track smiling at the camera
Building the Future of Learning

Twenty-first century facilities for a twenty-first century education


Two students working in the science lab wearing protective goggles
Building the Future of Learning

Creating new learning spaces and opportunities for every student


How are we bringing change to our school?

How will our students benefit?

What impact will our donors make on our students and our school?


  • Bringing our community together
  • Integrating with local community - shared spaces
  • Integrated sports facilities
  • Opportunity to expand co-curricular program
  • Flexible and collaborative learning spaces
  • Easier transition between middle and upper schools
  • Local impact and partnership with local community
  • 21st century facilities for a 21st century education
  • increased arts and performance spaces
  • expansion of STEM spaces

Stories / Interviews with students on how they will benefit from the New MS and how much better it will be if this person donates.




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