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The Future of Learning

We reinvest every cent into facilities

“Great classrooms, great art rooms, great music rooms, language and technology tools ­– flexible spaces that can be geared to what teachers need. If you donate, you’re investing in something tangible.”

Suzanne Rapetti-Hunziker, Class of 1982 (1977-1982), Alumni Parent, Member of ZIS Board of Trustees

Spaces for a 21st century education

"The traditional idea of a school is still informed by an industrial model of children sitting in rows facing forward, with knowledge poured forth by an adult at the front of the room. But that’s not how teaching and learning works any more. We need flexible spaces that allow learning to happen in lots of different ways”

ZIS Director, Lisa Lyle

Why we continue to give

“We can see how well this education has prepared our own children – and those of friends and colleagues. They are ready for life beyond, and that’s extremely important. They are so successful because they have been so well educated. So, our support is a kind of courtesy to the school – we are grateful that they were at ZIS and that it has put them is such a good position for life beyond.”

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Alumni Parent, Ron Steijn

Designed for learning

"Our focus isn’t only on what our students need to know and learn, but on what values and standards they should uphold. We want our young people to become – and remain – open-minded, resilient and playful, drawn to discovery and exploration."

Middle School Principal, David Wood


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