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Many major employers in the Zurich area are supporting the new campus. Is yours? Read on to find out why Amcor decided to make a contribution.

As human resources executive vice president at global packaging leader Amcor, Hilary Crowe has seen first-hand how precious the relationship is between relocating parents and an international school like ZIS.

“It’s just one less thing for parents to worry about,” says Crowe. “It means that employees can relocate without anxiety about the impact of a move on their children, and that the cogs of corporate life can turn a little more smoothly. Knowing the children will be cared for and educated at a reputable, forward-looking school is a huge weight off parents’ minds.”

Hilary Crowe, Human Resources Executive Vice President, Amcor

A long-lasting return on investment

It’s why Amcor has worked with ZIS over the past decade to ensure a happy home for the many employees moving to its Zurich headquarters from across the world. And it’s why the company is contributing to the new campus under development at ZIS.

It’s an investment Crowe believes will pay back in spades long into the future. “We decided we would put money into the fundraising campaign to help build the new campus,” she says. “It was an easy decision, and a way to have a tangible impact on a project that will have long-lasting benefits. We’ll have a school we can continue to work with and that will help our employees feel positive about what they are doing for their careers – and their families.”

A transformational project

Over three years, Amcor has committed  to support the Campaign for ZIS to help fund the new Middle and Upper School campus (an ambitious project costing a total of CHF Mio 42, CHF Mio 5 of which will come from funds raised among the school's own community).  “It’s a reflection of the value we see in the ongoing partnership,” says Hilary Crowe. “ Some of the school’s buildings – particularly the Villa by the lake – are beautiful and historic. But you can see what you can achieve with a modern flexible space. It’s so important for the future – the extracurricular options are really something special.”

Supporting future flexibility that supports global relocation

Of course, there are direct benefits for Amcor, whose families will reap rewards of a modern education for years to come. This close relationship is an enduring one – as well as being a valued corporate partner and a previous sponsor of the annual gala, over the years Amcor families have had more than 30 children of employees at school at any one time, and currently some 10 children attend from Amcor families. “We sometimes have spikes in demand, and we really appreciate that we can confidently accommodate them” says Crowe. “ZIS is expert at managing dynamic demand, and that can be make or break for employees when deciding whether to relocate to Switzerland.”

And the school community matters not just to the employee, but to the spouse as well as the children, she says. “It contributes so much more than education – it gives a sense of belonging, and it’s a big part of people’s lives. It gives people a foot in the door to a network in quite an accelerated way. There’s a real emotional attachment to the school community when you are away from home.”

Hiring the future

In recognition of the contribution ZIS makes to employee happiness, Amcor has regularly taken ZIS students for short stints of work experience during vacations. “We try to give 16- and 17-year-olds some experience in an area that interests them,” says Crowe. “That might be finance, HR or marketing. We create a two-week agenda that allows them to spend time with different teams, and then they may have to deliver some sort of project. It gives them a real taste of a working environment.”

As the longest established accredited international school, ZIS has a long reach within the canton, says Crowe and targeted giving – sponsorship, work experience, subsidising fees for staff and now contributions towards the future of the school – are worthwhile not only for the immediate benefits but for the wider community. “Giving is absolutely the right thing to do.”