ZIS Bilingual Program

ZIS is preparing to launch a bilingual program for children in Kindergarten 1 and 2 (children aged 4 to 6) from August 2021, subject to the approval of the canton's education authority. The aim is to expand the program, which will follow the Swiss Lehrplan 21 curriculum, to include students aged up to 12 in the coming years.

This is an exciting opportunity for your child to benefit from a strong Swiss program at greater Zurich’s leading international school where children from over 70 nations feel at home.

Who is the ZIS bilingual program for?

Three ZIS Kindergarten workiing on a written task together whilst sat at their table

The ZIS Bilingual Program is available to families who want their child to develop both German and English as an academic language. Subject to the approval of the canton's education authority, the Program will start with Kindergarten 1 and 2 (children aged 4 to 6) in August 2021 and is part of the Lower School in Wädenswil.

If you want your child to:

  • have Swiss roots and a global outlook. We offer a strong academic program in both German and English in an international environment;
  • stay in Switzerland in the long-term or be open to an international move.

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Why ZIS Bilingual?

Academic Excellence

Two ZIS Kindergarten students working together in the classroom

Delivered by outstanding, experienced and well-supported educators who challenge and support each student based on their abilities and interests. Learning in English and German every day. 



ZIS Kindergarten class staring in front of the Smartboard and working on phonics

An innovative and modern school environment where digital learning is integrated and new skills are learned every day. A comprehensive and well-supported online learning program when needed.

ZIS Experience

ZIS Teacher welcomes parents and their children to the class

An international and welcoming community where students interact with and learn from children from all over the world and where parents are treated as partners.



Extensive Co-curricular Program

ZIS Lower School boys and girls warming up for sport on the astro-turf pitch during one of our many activities

Extensive co-curricular program with 70 options to choose from, our after school activities give every child the opportunity to follow their passion or find a new one. And it’s all included in our tuition fees.



ZIS Students in the well-resources library having a class with the librarian

Purpose-built facilities including spacious classrooms, library, art rooms, music rooms, makerspace and gymnasium, plus a dedicated cafeteria. Extensive outdoor area including learning spaces, age-appropriate playgrounds and a sports field, with the adjacent forest offering an additional outdoor classroom.

A full and practical day

ZIS Kindergarten girls in the age-appropriate playground spinning and waving on the round swing

Before and after school care (extending the day from 07:00 to 18:00 every day including Wednesday), lunch service, bus service, weekend and vacation programs.





Register Your Interest for the ZIS Bilingual Program – launching August 2021

ZIS is looking forward to launch its bilingual program in August 2021 with an initial Pre-K/Kindergarten class, following the Swiss Lehrplan 21 curriculum. The program will be extended to the primary school grade levels program over the subsequent school years. The authorization process is already ongoing and formal admissions process will start once full approval has been obtained, expected to be in March 2021.

The ZIS admissions team invites you to complete this form to pre-register your interest in the ZIS Bilingual Program. We will keep you updated with more information and details and schedule an introductory meeting once the formal admissions process commences in March.


Student Information | Informationen zum Kind

Parent/Guardian | Eltern/Erziehungsberechtigte

Additional Information | Zusätzliche Informationen

Next Steps

Please contact me for updates on this program and to schedule a 1:1 meeting when the formal admissions process commences.