Lower School Curriculum

The ZIS Lower School curriculum provides a holistic program that balances the development of concepts, skills and character. Our approach focuses on the total growth of the developing child addressing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic welfare.

Our program focuses on guided inquiry, collaboration and communication as approaches to teaching and learning to provide an environment that fosters the development of problem solving and critical thinking as well as subject competencies. 

The subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies are taught by the classroom teacher. Whenever possible, transdisciplinary links are made across subjects to maximize learning connections.

Early Childhood students (Early ZIS to Kindergarten) explore and develop pre-literacy and pre-numeracy competencies through everyday experiences in class with their teacher. They also develop understanding in Science and Social Studies concepts through units of inquiry

German, PE, Music and Visual Arts are taught by Specialists to form a comprehensive, varied and rich Lower School experience. Our Early Childhood students attend German, Creative Arts and Library lessons taught by specialist teachers. Technology is used as a tool that enhances and broadens the scope and quality of student learning.

The language of instruction is English, with additional support for non-English speakers.

Students are encouraged to explore and participate in a variety of co-curricular offerings to complement academic development. Example opportunities for Lower School include:


Please see the Program of Studies below for full details.

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