Lower School Field Trips

There are various whole school events, day trips, and overnight trips for students throughout the school year. Mandatory, curricular trips (day and overnight trips) are included in tuition fees.

There are also options to participate in additional curriculum-enriching trips, such as music or sports, which include an additional cost.

Pre-School - Visits within the local area on foot as part of their Unit of Inquiry into Sharing the Planet.

Pre-Kindergarten - Using public transport, including trains, buses, trams and boats, students will visit the surrounding area including Zurich, where they might visit the zoo or walk in a city park. Pre-Kindergarten students also enjoy a winter sledding day and take other local field trips.

Kindergarten - Regular trips into the local forest are a highlight of the week for Kindergarten students, who also travel further afield to visit places of interest linked to their learning units. These include local farms and markets to find out where our food comes from and what is available locally, and the Sihlwald to support our inquiry into weather and the forest. Students also enjoy a winter sledding day as part of the PE curriculum.

Grade 1 - Students participate in several field trips that support learning, such as a visit to Technorama Science museum to investigate how sound and light are created through vibrations, the local Au pond to observe relationships between living things and the Langnau Wildpark when we focus on external animal parts and how these parts support behavior of different species of animals.  Students also have a winter sledding day that supports the PE curriculum.

Grades 2 - Students participate in several field trips over the year that support their learning. These include a visit to the Baar caves and exploring landforms in the Swiss countryside. They also have an extended day mountain trip in the spring, usually to Atzmannig. Students in Grade 2 enjoy a winter snow day with various activities as part of the PE program.

Grade 3 - Students participate in multiple local day field trips during the year such as visiting the Google office and the Roman ruins, Augusta Raurica. They typically have an excursion to perform at the annual Zurich Singing Christmas Tree in December. Grade 3 students also have a ski day to a local mountain and a three-day spring trip, usually to Kandersteg, focusing on outdoor pursuits and character learning.

Grade 4 - Students take part in several day field trips during the year, for example, they visit  FocusTerra - an Earth Science museum in the city of Zurich. They also have a three-day ski trip, usually to Davos, and a four-day mountain trip in the fall, usually to Leysin, focusing on outdoor pursuits.

Grade 5 - Students take part in several day field trips during the year, all linked to areas of learning. These include Umwelt Arena and a guided visit to an art museum. Grade 5 students also visit the Middle School as part of the transition program for their move to Grade 6. They have a three-day ski trip to Davos and a five-day spring trip, usually to Torgon.  


Grade 4 & 5 Fall Trips