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John Mattern Alumni Award for Faculty

2020 Nomination Form

Thank you for nominating a deserving former faculty or staff member! Please note that nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Provided “an exceptionally high degree of individual attention to, and concern for, students in all areas of school life”
  • May have served as teachers, administrators or school staff.
  • May not have served as the overall director of the school (ZIS, AISZ or IPSZ) at any time during its history.
  • Must have worked at ZIS or its predecessor schools for three or more consecutive years and be retired; OR
  • Must have worked three or more consecutive years and no longer be employed by ZIS for at least two years.
  • May be deceased (of course, the honors will be adjusted in such a case).

For a list of former faculty/staff who meet the criteria, click here.

Please describe (in no more than 500 words) how the nominee supported the mission and vision of the School and the quality of life of the students. Please include how his/her efforts had a lasting and meaningful impact on you and/or other members of the school community.​​​​​​​​​​​

Thank you so much for your nomination!

The 2020 honoree will be announced in the spring of 2020.

Please provide an email address where we can send a link to your current form.

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