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Parents' Association
Four ZIS Parents standing in a row together, smiling

ZIS Parents' Association

The ZIS Parents' Association welcomes you! 

The ZIS experience is not just for our students. There are also many ways for parents to get involved with school life. If you are looking for a fun way to meet people and want to enhance your family’s experience, the ZIS Parents’ Association is here to help!   

The main purpose of the Parents’ Association is to help build community while partnering with the school.  As new families arrive, we want you to get to know other ZIS community members, and to settle into life here.  

For already-established families, we want to keep you feeling connected through a variety of social events throughout the year.    

The Parents’ Association provides many community-building events throughout the year, which can be found on the Events (login required) page.  We also have an ever-expanding list of clubs and social events (login required) that can be joined.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the Parents' Association, whatever your interests, cultural background and experience. We appreciate the diversity of our members and offer a wide variety of opportunities to get involved. If you are looking to get involved, see the section on volunteering (login required) or send an email to  

Further information is available for current parents within the Parents' Association section of the Community Portal.

ZIS Parents' Association welcomes new families
Group of ZIS parents wearing Dirndl on the German stand at Worldfest
Three ZIS parents and a teacher wearing airline captain's hats
Five ZIS parents standing in a row, smiling at the camera
Room full of ZIS parents at the PA Appreciation Lunch
Group of ZIS parents wearing Brazil football shirts at WorldFest
Two parents and a student enjoying the ZIS Welcome Back BBQ
Group of ZIS families from the Asia Pacific stand at WorldFest
Two ZIS parents at a PA Event
Two ZIS parents smiling at the camera
Group of Swiss ZIS parents wearing aprons with the Swiss flag
Small group of ZIS parents chatting together at the new families welcome event
Group of ZIS parents on the Italian stand at Worldfest
Two ZIS parents standing together during the Welcome back BBQ
Picture of families enjoying WorldFest at the Upper School
Group of parents at WorldFest
Three ZIS Parents smiling at the camera
Three ZIS parents wearing Swedish flag aprons
Group of ZIS parents on the USA stand at Worldfest
Group of ZIS Parents enjoying WorldFest
Parents' Association members standing behind a table
Group of ZIS parents standing in front of a Spanish flag at WorldFest
Group of ZIS parents from the Asia Pacific stand at WorldFest
Four ZIS Parents standing in a group during the ZIS Welcome Back BBQ
Group of British ZIS parents wearing Union Jack aprons

Area and Nationality Representatives

The Parents' Association has a network of representatives within the parent body for different residential areas of Zurich and neighboring areas, as well as representatives for different nationalities.

Area and Nationality representatives offer new families and existing families a warm welcome to ZIS and host a minimum of two social engagements per school year for their respective group as well as participating in WorldFest (which is an annual celebration of international culture).

Details of Area and Nationality Representatives are available in the Parents' Association area of the Community Portal.