ZIS Partners

Zurich International School is more than a school, it is a special community. A community that is tied together by shared experiences. Working in partnership with our stakeholders is key to the successful ZIS experience. During the 2016/17 school year we are launched the ZIS Partners initiative.

Its goals are to:

  • raise levels of understanding of ZIS philosophical drivers;
  • partner and collaborate with various stakeholders;
  • learn about the ZIS experience from the parental and corporate perspective;
  • hear more voices - every voice is important and will be heard;
  • focus on issues that are relevant to the present and the future;
  • deepen relationships and maximize opportunities for connections.

The initiative started with an audit - called Parental Perspectives - in September 2016 when three international education consultants met with almost 300 parents in order to better understand the ZIS experience from their perspective. People representing the various constituencies in our community were invited at random, and there was also the possibility for all parents to register to attend a session.

In November 2016, the three consultants returned to ZIS to outline the common themes and perceptions that parents shared during these Parental Perspectives sessions. The school's Leadership Team looked closely at the findings and devised action plans to address identified issues which were presented to the ZIS Board of Trustees in January 2017 and then incorporated into the school's annual objectives.

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Parents can view the progress report here (login required).