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ZIS Partners

Globally minded with a sense of local community

Zurich International School is more than a school, it is a special community. A community that is tied together by shared experiences. Working in partnership with our stakeholders is key to the successful ZIS experience. 

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ZIS Partners collaborates to:

  • raise levels of understanding of ZIS philosophical drivers;
  • partner with various stakeholders;
  • learn about the ZIS experience from the parental and corporate perspective;
  • hear more voices - every voice is important and will be heard;
  • focus on issues that are relevant to the present and the future;
  • deepen relationships and maximize opportunities for connections.

ZIS Partners encompasses numerous opportunities to share thoughts and ideas, including Director’s Roundtables, Campus Meetings, surveys, corporate breakfasts with business partners and ZISMeets events.

The initiative started in 2016 when 300 parents were asked about their ZIS experience, as part of a Parental Perspectives audit. 


Disruptive Innovation and its Impact on Economy, Society, and Education

September 21

A unique opportunity to share thoughts with experts from around the world, we will be discussing disruptive innovation and its impact on economy, society and education. We will explore subjects as diverse as “Why your early teens can define your life chances,” “How to fail successfully” and “Why finding a job in the tech gold rush is harder than you think.”

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