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Disruptive Innovation and its Impact on Economy, Society, and Education

Some 120 members of our community from around the world came together to share their thoughts with experts, discussing disruptive innovation and its impact on economy, society and education. 

You can learn about the four main topics through articles and videos below.

ZIS VOICES Live: Sessions and Videos

ZIS Voices Live panelists Tom Leung and Martin Samuelsson

When McKinsey assessed the world’s most successful school systems, they examined everything from how schools were funded to parental support. The factor that made the biggest difference to student outcomes? Teachers. More than funding. More than government support. More, even, than student aptitude. So, what do teachers need to enable them to give their best? 

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ZIS Voices Live - Word Cloud



    Lisa Lyle

    Director, Zurich International School

    David McIntosh

    Founder, Creative Business Breakthroughs - ZIS VOICES Live Facilitator

    Tom Leung

    Google Product Management Director

    Masood Razaq

    Managing Director, Verdacore

    Ceyda Avunduk Keyman

    Founder of littlehipstar

    Daniel Gutenberg

    Early-Stage Angel Investor

    David Wood

    Middle School Principal, Zurich International School

    Manu Kapur

    Professor at ETH Zürich

    Alexandre Kleis

    Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company

    Kaisa Schreck Danielsson

    Director of Content & Copy at EF Education First

    Dora Donaldson

    Freelance Graphic Designer, HippCreative (Donaldson Creative); singer-songwriter

    Martin Samuelsson

    IB Core/Theory of Knowledge Coordinator and Grade 12 Leader

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