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How to apply:

ZIS welcomes educators to apply to become a part of our outstanding faculty. Due to the high number of inquiries we receive every day in a variety of formats, we request that you apply for a particular position using our own online application process. Only in this way can we assure you that your application will be processed in a timely manner.

ZIS respects each applicant's decision to register through various recruitment agencies, but we also require you to apply to ZIS directly using our online system. Thank you for your understanding.

Online Application Form


Teacher applicants must have at least 2-3 years of previous teaching experience in a pertinent subject area/discipline, preferably at an international school. Teaching certification is required for all positions. Applicants must furnish evidence of:

  • Teaching licence including specialism
  • Documented record of excellence in teaching
  • BA / BSC or equivalent university degree
  • IB Diploma/AP experience for specified Upper School positions
  • Understanding of Middle School philosophy and best practice for Middle School positions
  • Experience/familiarity with an inquiry-based pedagogy for Lower School positions
  • Integration of technology into curriculum
  • Learner-centered focus
  • Commitment to ongoing professional growth
  • Ability to differentiate for diverse learning needs
  • Teamwork, collaboration, and active participation in school life

Substitute / Limited Term Cover

At times there are opportunities for daily or short term maternity / illness cover. We will accept an expression of interest from applicants in the Greater Zurich Area with:

  • Teaching licence including specialism
  • Valid work permit for Switzerland

Should you wish to apply, please send a cover letter and current Curriculum Vitae to Deputy Director, Mark Schulz mschulz@zis.ch

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