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How We Teach


ZIS Science Teacher explaining using the whiteboard

Today’s students have an entire world of opportunities ahead of them.

This is why ZIS provides a varied, challenging and exciting program of learning, that helps every student discover what inspires them.

We want to challenge your child to excel and follow their ambitions. But our approach is about more than this.

We want your child to develop a lifelong love of learning.

This means they will always be open to seeking out new skills and knowledge. It means they will always be interested in different perspectives and ideas. And it means they will always be adapting, evolving and growing as people.

We understand that every child learns differently. We want all students to be able to engage with what’s being taught, and feel that they’re being heard and supported.

We work with our teachers, parents and students to deliver a dynamic and responsive curriculum.

Three ZIS Middle School students discussing and debating in class

Our Vision for your Child

We want our students to be:

  • Active learners who are critical and compassionate thinkers
  • Open-minded, resilient, playful and reflective learners who value and demonstrate integrity, compassion and fairness
  • Inspired and challenged to develop a lifelong love of learning

The knowledge and experiences your child discovers at ZIS will shape their lives and their futures. But it’s just the start of their journey.

ZIS Definition of Learning

Learning is a process that leads to a sustained and demonstrable consolidation or extension of conceptual understanding, competencies or character.

First page of the PDF file: Defininition_of_Learning
ZIS Character Standards PDF
First page of the PDF file: Learning_Principles

Continue Exploring

Lower School Curriculum

ZIS Lower School student and teacher

In the Lower School, we offer a holistic program which helps your child understand concepts and skills. We also focus on their growth, including their academic, social, physical, emotional and cultural development.

Middle School Curriculum

ZIS Middle School boys sitting in a row working on their laptops

Our curriculum at Middle School level is focused on making learning inspiring. At this crucial stage of your child’s development, we want them to be challenged, not overwhelmed, so that they see learning as empowering and exciting, and seek out new experiences without fear.

Upper School Curriculum

Two ZIS Upper School students working in a science class

At Upper School level, your child is preparing for a future full of possibility. We adopt a transferable inquiry-led approach to learning which helps them plan the next stage of their journey – and learn more about who they are and want to be.