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The ZIS Difference

ZIS Student standing in a row and looking back to wave

Your child’s school experience can shape their future, their character and their view of the world.

So what makes ZIS the place for them to fulfill their potential?

Lower School girl in Library holding a book

The Perfect Balance

We believe that your child is more than just a learner. They are also a person, with their own way of seeing their world. We help them learn in a way that makes sense to them, and establish a lifelong love of learning that will continue throughout their lives.

We want every child to feel inspired at school, and to look forward to every day. This is why we aim to strike a balance between what they learn, and the interests, friends and experiences they discover.

A ZIS education focuses on both the learner and the person. We help your child discover their interests, build their character, and become happier and healthier learners.

One Upper School students helps another student with guidance on playing the bass guitar

A Well-rounded Experience

Your child is shaped by what they love. This is why we encourage them to explore a wide range of interests, hobbies and activities. We want every student to discover what excites and inspires them, and have the freedom to pursue it.

Our broad range of co-curricular activities will help your child to explore many different interests, that may turn into unexpected passions. These may be on-campus or in the community.

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Lower School students in a group together

Mental Health is Vital

We want your child’s learning experience to be inspiring and challenging. However, we also want them to feel supported at every step. We prioritize every child’s mental health, and offer them guidance and support to help them feel safe, confident and valued.

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Upper School students working together in the media center

Learn, Care, Challenge, Lead

A great education is about developing character as well as knowledge. We help your child to develop strong values, emotional intelligence, and an understanding of the need to listen to diverse voices and experiences. 

Through classroom and co-curricular activities, we also help build them up as leaders, team members, creative and critical thinkers, and key parts of the communities in which they live.

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Your Own Pathway

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We are here if you have questions about ZIS. Contact us to learn more.

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Contact the Admissions Team and we will be happy to answer your question. 

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