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English 7


The English Language Arts program seeks to develop students who think clearly, critically, and creatively. The students connect with the human experience through an array of text types, allowing them to respond in authentic ways. English Language Arts offers a variety of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing experiences. Reading, in particular, is crucial in developing a student’s language capacity, significantly improving oral and written communication skills. Students are viewed as readers even before they can decode words; they comprehend and make meaning of a variety of texts from a young age.

The purpose of English 7 is to provide the time, instruction, and opportunity for students to continue development as strategic, critical, and responsive communicators. Students do this by studying a diverse body of written work, which may include poetry, short stories, plays, novels, and informational texts as writing models. Students have opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills while discussing texts. Lastly, students express their own ideas through a variety of writing opportunities.

Units of Study:

  • Unit 1: Questioning: Who Asked You?
  • Unit 2: Character: The Struggle is Real
  • Unit 3: Serfs, Style, and Swag!
  • Unit 4: The Voice(s) of Authority – Whom do we trust?
  • Unit 5: Poetry: Voice and Performance