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French 6 (Introduction to French)

Semester Course

Students may take both French and/or Spanish for one semester.

  • Requirements: No pre-requisite.
  • Please note: Students in Beginner EAL may not enroll in French or Spanish.
  • Students enrolled in Learning Support who wish to take French or Spanish will need the approval of their Learning Support teacher.

French 6 (Introduction to French) – Semester Course

This one-semester course is designed to give Grade 6 students a flavour of the French language. Through a communicative approach and age-appropriate activities, the students are introduced to the target language. They work on all the areas of communication (listening, speaking, reading and writing), and have the opportunity to explore aspects of the French culture. A variety of methods is used and students begin using and comprehending French in both written and oral forms. French is used as much as possible as the language of communication in class, and it is impressive to see how well the students can express themselves at the end of the semester.


Bienvenue en classe de Français / Welcome to French class

  • Vocabulary (greetings, presentation of self and others - name, nationality, origin, age - family basic, numbers)
  • Grammar (gender of nouns and adjectives, articles, subject pronouns singular, possessive adjectives)

Au café / At the café

  • Vocabulary (date, time, weather, ordering food and beverages at a restaurant, asking to pay)
  • Grammar (formal form, present tense of verbs Be and Have).