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French (CEFR A1)

Year Long Course


Students may only study one language elective


Returning students who were enrolled in French/Spanish 6: Successful completion of the Grade 6 semester course.

Returning/New students who did not take French/Spanish 6:  Students who have had a basic introduction to the language may join French/Spanish A1.

It may be possible for students who are absolute beginners to enroll in French/Spanish A1 provided they are highly motivated and willing to work hard as they will be joining a class with peers who have already been exposed to the language for a short period of time.

Students will have a short conference with the French/Spanish teacher at the start of the year.

Please note: Students in Beginner EAL may not enroll in French/Spanish. Students enrolled in Learning Support who wish to take French/Spanish will need the approval of their Learning Support teacher.

French A1 – Year Long Course 

This year-long course is conducted mostly in French, building on lessons learned in Grade 6, and progresses beyond the beginning stages. Through a communicative approach and age-appropriate activities, students continue to practice the four linguistic skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing, and they learn more about French culture. They extend their vocabulary by studying common lexical topics. They are also challenged to refine their oral and written language by studying more complex grammatical concepts. Students read a novel in French and they view and analyse a French film. Throughout the year, there are a number of exercises from the Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française (DELF A1) in preparation for next school year, when they will have the opportunity to sit the next level (DELF A2) of that examination.

Units of Study:

Mes activités / Daily activities

  • Vocabulary (leisure activities, invitations, question words)
  • Grammar (present tense of -er verbs, negative and question forms, Faire)

Double Je - reading project

  • Vocabulary (general physical description, the French school system, the Paris districts, French artists)
  • Grammar (regular adjective endings)

Le monde personnel / People and possessions

  • Vocabulary (what's on TV, colours, common objects in your bedroom and at school, prepositions of place
  • Grammar (articles, irregular adjective endings)

Voici où j'habite / This is where I live

  • Vocabulary (city shops and facilities, asking for and giving directions, your home, booking a room at a hotel, family advanced, sports, games and musical instruments)
  • Grammar (prepositions à/de/chez, Aller, near future tense, Venir, recent past tense, stressed pronouns)
  • Film project (Le Diner de Cons by Francis Veber)
  • DELF A1 practice exam (listening, reading and writing tasks)