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French (CEFR A2)

Year Long Course


Students may only study one language elective.


Returning students: Successful completion of the A1 course level.

New students: Previous exposure to the language and demonstration of proficiency required at an A1 level.  Students will take a short test at the start of the school year to confirm placement

Please note: Students in Beginner EAL may not enroll in French/Spanish. Students enrolled in Learning Support who wish to take French/Spanish will need the approval of their Learning Support teacher. 

French A2 – Year Long Course

This year-long course is conducted almost entirely in French, building on knowledge previously established in Grade 7, to progress towards the intermediate level. The primary goal of this course is for students to reach a level of proficiency in which they feel comfortable and confident communicating about a wide variety of topics. At this stage, opportunities arise for higher-level discussions. Students also develop the ability to write longer and more complex texts. Through a communicative approach and age-appropriate activities, Grade 8 students continue to practice the four linguistic skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing – and learn more about French culture. Students read a novel in French and they view and analyse a French film. At the end of the year, they have the opportunity to take the Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française at the A2 level. The DELF is an external exam certifying the level of competence and mastery of the French language.  It is granted by the French Ministry of Education, and recognised by the Common European Framework of Reference by Languages

Units of Study:

La Mode / Fashion

  • Vocabulary (precise description of an outfit, giving an opinion about an outfit)
  • Grammar (present tense of -ir and -re verbs, comparatives, the imperative)

Le Temps libre (I) / Free time (I)

  • Vocabulary (weekend activities, home chores, holiday plans)
  • Grammar (negative expressions, passé composé with Être and Avoir)

Le Temps libre (II) / Free time (II)

  • Vocabulary (reflexive verbs, WWII, at the airport, in the plane, in the metro)
  • Grammar (present and passé composé of reflexive verbs, recap of passé composé)
  • Film project (Monsieur Batignole by Gérard Jugnot - WWII: general overview, Pétain & De Gaulle, Resistance actions, Auschwitz)
  • Reading project (Destination France by Joseph Conroy)
  • DELF A2 exam practice

Les Repas / Food and meals

  • Vocabulary (what's set on the table, a festive meal)
  • Grammar (partitive articles, direct and indirect pronouns, en and y pronouns, present and passé composé tenses of Savoir, Connaître, Pouvoir, Vouloir, Devoir)
  • DELF A2 exam practice

L’Avenir est dans le Futur / Looking into the future

  • Vocabulary (environment basic, water, air and domestic pollution)
  • Grammar (the simple future, sentences with when and if)