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German 7 & 8 (A1.1)


Note: In order to achieve the A1 level of competence, 80 to 200 45-minute teaching units are needed, depending on previous knowledge and learning requirements.

This course is tailored for students new to the German language who will acquire the basic foundation of the language. Throughout the year, students are exposed to both receptive skills (listening and reading) and productive skills (speaking and writing). As the year progresses, German is used more frequently in class and students are regularly encouraged to communicate in German. By the end of the year, students are able to share information about themselves and other people. Through various projects and in-class exercises, students have the opportunity to demonstrate their acquired skills.

Units of Study:

Unit 0: Hallo!

  • Vocabulary: greetings, the German alphabet, numbers, colours, countries, cities
  • Grammar: gender of nouns, definite article (der, die, das) basic sentence structure

Unit 1: Das bin ich!

  • Vocabulary: name and age, place of residence
  • Grammar: question words

Unit 2: Meine Hobbys

  • Vocabulary: leisure time activities, languages
  • Grammar: irregular verbs in present tense, personal pronouns

Unit 3: Papa, Mama + Co

  • Vocabulary: family members, animals
  • Grammar: auxiliary verbs “to be” and “have”, indefinite article (ein, eine), introduction to Accusative case, possessive articles, negation “kein”

Unit 4: Meine Freunde

  • Vocabulary: characteristics, meeting points
  • Grammar: adjectives, prepositions, verb conjugation regular and irregular present tense, introduction to Dative case

Unit 5: Wir, die Klasse 7b

  • Vocabulary: school subjects
  • Grammar: negation “nicht”, formal and informal form, compound words, possessive pronouns