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German 6 (A1.2)


Note: In order to achieve the A1 level of competence, 80 to 200 45-minute teaching units are needed, depending on previous knowledge and learning requirements.

This course is tailored for students with a basic foundation of the German language as they develop and enhance their German skills. Throughout the year, students are exposed to both receptive skills (listening and reading) and productive skills (speaking and writing). By the end of the year, students are able to hold basic conversations in German, ask for directions, and are able to communicate needs in daily life in authentic situations (stores, restaurants, at the doctor’s, etc.). Students read a German easy-reader book and produce an original piece of writing in German. The course is conducted as much as possible in German.

Units of Study:

Unit 6: Schule und Schulsachen

  • Vocabulary: school items
  • Grammar: Imperativ (singular), structure “there is”, declination Nominative and Accusative

Unit 7: Was isst du gern?

  • Vocabulary: international food, suggestions
  • Grammar: negation “kein/nicht”, Modalverbs mögen and möchten, give recommendations, execute an order in a restaurant

Unit 8: Tagesabläufe

  • Vocabulary: time, daily routine, talk about plans and report about past events
  • Grammar: irregular, separable and reflexive verbs, past tense of “to be” and “to have”, temporal clauses

Unit 9: Sport, Sport, Sport

  • Vocabulary: sports equipment/sports facilities
  • Grammar: Modalverbs können and müssen, impersonal Form “man kann, man braucht ”, question words wo and wohin, introduction to Wechselpräpositionen with Akkusativ or Dativ

Unit 10: Meine Klamotten

  • Vocabulary: clothes, shopping ,expressing likes and dislikes
  • Grammar: personal pronouns in Akkusativ, plural forms, introduction to present perfect tense, past participles