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German 7 & 8 (A2.2)


Note: In order to achieve the A2 level of competence, 200 to 350 45-minute teaching units are needed, depending on previous knowledge and learning requirements.

This course is tailored for students who have completed the A2.1 successfully. They understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment). They can exchange information on familiar and routine matters. They learn how to describe aspects of their background, environment and matters in areas of immediate need, as well as read a variety of books. Instruction is carried out primarily in German.

Units of Study:

Unit 6: Deutschland, Land mit Superlativen

  • Vocabulary: sharing information about cities and sites, personalities related vocabularies
  • Grammar: past perfect, Imperfect with to be, comparison of adjectives, subordinate clause with weil

Unit 7: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

  • Vocabulary: past perfect, imperfect with to be, comparison of adjectives, subordinate clause with weil
  • Grammar: date, the verb werden, modal verb sollen, imperativ, the questions word wenn, the preposition für, the personal pronouns, all persons in the Akkusativ, connection word sondern

Unit 8: Wohin in Urlaub

  • Vocabulary: countries, weather
  • Grammar: the question word wohin and the preposition nach, in, and subordinate clause with dass, the verb wissen, the question word wo and the preposition in and an, Temporalangaben with im

Unit 9: Zukunftspläne

  • Vocabulary: professions, places of work
  • Grammar: the verb werden, Relativpronomen (Nominativ), subordinate clause with wenn, connection of main clauses with deshalb

Unit 10: Erinnerungen

  • Vocabulary: music
  • Grammar: Imperfect: to be, to have, Imperfect: modal verb, subordinate clause with als, relative pronoun, relative clause

Leseprojekt (optional) - Die Rache des Computers 

Based on the individual progress of each class, the teacher may decide to include a reading project throughout the school year. As part of this project, the students will read a short German novel (an easy reader version fitting their current level of language acquisition). As a part of this project, students will review words and grammatical structures they learned in context and practise summarizing events in their own words,  describing characters in the target language and make cultural connections relating to the target language area.