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Spanish 6 (Introduction to Spanish)

Semester Course


Students may take both French and/or Spanish for one semester.

  • Requirements: No pre-requisite.
  • Please note: Students in Beginner EAL may not enroll in French or Spanish.
  • Students enrolled in Learning Support who wish to take French or Spanish will need the approval of their Learning Support teacher.

This one-semester course is an exploratory and fun introduction to the language.  It also serves as an important foundation for Spanish in grades 7 and 8. Students work on all of the areas of communication: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The class is conducted in Spanish as much as possible, and from the very first day, students learn useful phrases for the class, and are expected to use them when they can. The course begins with greetings, basic questions,  numbers, the alphabet, colors and dates. As the course progresses, students learn to communicate about themselves and others, and their likes and dislikes. They are introduced to grammatical concepts such as conjugating verbs and modifying adjectives and are then able to construct simple sentences. It is exciting and rewarding for students to be able to communicate basic ideas in Spanish after a very short time. A wide variety of methods are used, and students participate in different activities and exercises to begin using and comprehending Spanish in both the written and spoken forms.

Units of study:

- ¡Vamos!  / Let’s go!

  • Greetings
  • Numbers from 0-20
  • The Spanish alphabet
  • Instructions in class
  • Personal information - basic questions and answers
  • Countries and nationalities.

-  Tú y yo  / You and I

  • School objects (table, chair, pencil, backpack, pencil case, etc.)
  • Colors
  • Numbers 21-100
  • Days, months and seasons
  • Adjectives of personality
  • Animals
  • Animals' body parts 
  • Present tense (regular verbs)