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Spanish (CEFR A2)

Year Long Course


Students may only study one language elective.


Returning students: Successful completion of the A1 course level.

New students: Previous exposure to the language and demonstration of proficiency required at an A1 level.  Students will take a short test at the start of the school year to confirm placement

Please note: Students in Beginner EAL may not enroll in French/Spanish. Students enrolled in Learning Support who wish to take French/Spanish will need the approval of their Learning Support teacher. 

Spanish 8 (CEFR A2.1) – Year Long Course

Spanish 8 is conducted almost entirely in Spanish, building on topics covered in grade 7. The main goal of this course is for students to reach a level of proficiency where they feel comfortable and confident communicating about a wide variety of topics. Some of the topics and vocabulary covered are holidays and daily life, the city and neighborhood, the environment and weather, tourism, communication, and life in the past. With their increased proficiency, the opportunities arise for more interesting, higher-level discussions in class. Students also work on writing longer texts about deeper and more complicated topics. We read one age-appropriate novel in Grade 8, and students demonstrate their comprehension in a variety of ways. We watch one or two films, which provide discussions and glimpses into cultural aspects of Spanish-speaking cultures. Grammar is also stressed more in Grade 8. Apart from consolidating and expanding previous concepts, students learn a wide variety of tenses such as the preterite, the present progressive, the near future, the perfect, the imperative and an introduction of the imperfect. As in all levels, students practice the different communicative skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar) and are assessed using a variety of methods. By the end of the year, the students have the ability to communicate about numerous topics in the past, present and future. In May, grade 8 students also have the option to take the Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera, the DELE, at the A2 level. This is an external exam certifying the level of competence and mastery of the Spanish language. It is granted by the Spanish Ministry of Education, and recognized by the Common European Framework of Reference by Languages. 

Units of Study:

Unit 1: Adiós al verano / Goodbye to Summer

  • Vocabulary: vocab to talk and to describe holidays, means of transportation, weather
  • Grammar: revision of regular and irregular verbs in the present tense and immediate future tense, introduction to the perfect tense and present continuous.

Unit 2: Aquí vivo yo / This is where I live

  • Vocabulary: parts of a city, rooms and furniture of a house, vocab to describe neighborhoods and cities, expressing likes and dislikes
  • Grammar: comparisons, revision of location adverbs and prepositions, expression with the verb “gustar”, advanced indefinite articles, and structures to express obligation.

Unit 3: ¿Quién y cuándo?/ Who and when?

  • Vocabulary: biographies, time expressions related to the past, vacations and trips, vocab related to the phases of life
  • Grammar: preterite tense: regular and irregular verbs.

Unit 4: Reading a novel  “Vacaciones en Mallorca A2” (Holidays in Mallorca)

  • Vocabulary: wide range of vocabulary: trips, family, feelings, art, etc. 
  • Grammar: revision of all the tenses and structures learnt in Grades 6,7 and 8. 

Unit 5: En forma / In shape

  • Vocabulary: part of the body, body actions and movements, vocab related to sports and healthy life, advice and recommendations
  • Grammar: imperative tense (positive and informal), revision of obligation structures, revision of present; preterite and near future tenses.

Film project: — “Campeones” (Champions)

  • A comedy about a basketball team featuring actors with developmental disabilities. The main theme is inclusion and it is an inspiring film that teaches us to be better human beings. It won Best Picture at the Spanish Film Academy's Goya Awards.

Beyond the curriculum if time permits — Reading a comic (Gael y la red de mentiras A2+) and an introduction to the Imperfect Past tense.