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String Orchestra

Year Long Course

Year long course.

Prerequisite: Students in String Orchestra usually have at least 1-2 years of experience on their instrument and have the ability to read music. The following instruments make up the String Orchestra: Violin, Viola, Cello, and Double Bass. 

Students must rent or own their instrument.

Please note that guitar, harp, or piano are not instruments that are included in Orchestra.

In String Orchestra, students take the next steps in developing their instrumental technique and musicianship in a lively, collaborative class environment.  The students also work on the art of ensemble playing with a focus on presentation, listening, respect, balance, preparation, and leadership within a group.  The students perform for the public in the Middle Schools Arts Festivals twice per year, and the String Fling with all orchestra students grades 6-12, with other opportunities encouraged. Because of the diverse range of abilities, students are placed in one of two groups to allow them to work with others according to their skill level as determined by their primary school teachers or by the middle school orchestra teacher.

Enrollment in the String Orchestra is required for students who wish to audition for the AMIS Middle School Honor Orchestra (more information at