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AP Chemistry

Grades: 11 or 12

Subject Area/Course Credit: Science, 1 credit

Prerequisite: C or above in Honors Chemistry AND a C or above in Maths 2B or D- or above in Maths 2A, OR a science teacher recommendation.  Those currently in Honors Chemistry also need a science teacher recommendation.

AP Chemistry is designed to be the equivalent of a general chemistry course taken during the first year of university in the United States and prepares students to take the AP exam in May. In this course, students build on the fundamentals of Chemistry learned in a first year course. Students entering AP should have a firm grasp of atomic structure, periodicity, stoichiometry, bonding, energetics, and kinetics. In this course, students will expand on this previous knowledge with meaningful laboratory investigations, presentation of findings, and the remainder of the AP Chemistry content. Further, they will develop their ability to think clearly and express ideas with clarity and logic, both orally and in writing