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AP Economics


Grades: 11 or 12

Curriculum Area / Course credit: Social Studies, 1 credit

Prerequisite: B or above in History II or C or above in AP World History, AND a B+ in Math 2C, or C+ in Math 2B or C- in Math 2A, or a teacher recommendation

AP Economics is designed to be the equivalent of the general Macroeconomic and Microeconomic course usually taken during the first year of university in the United States and prepares students to take two AP exams in May. This course will combine both Advanced Placement Economic courses and as a result, students are expected to have strong study skills, be self-motivated and keep up with the pace of the class. In Microeconomics, students learn about how individual markets work, market failure, and different types of firms. In Macroeconomics, students learn about topics such as national economies and the interaction of inflation, unemployment, and economic growth.