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AP World History


Grades: 10, 11 or 12

Subject Area/Course Credit: Social Studies, 1 credit

Prerequisite: B+ or above in History I or B or above in History II, or teacher recommendation

AP World History is designed to be the equivalent of a general World History course taken during the first year of university in the United States and prepares students to take the AP exam in May. This is a survey course from about 1200 C.E. The course specifically examines the global interactions between humans and their environment, the development of cultures, the building of states, the expansion of economic systems and the development of social structures. Students will learn chronological reasoning, placing events within historical contexts, crafting historical interpretations based on evidence and providing historical synthesis. Note: The course is recommended as an alternative to the History II 1800–2000 course for Grade 10 students who wish to take an accelerated Social Studies course.