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Broadcast Journalism II

Grades: 10, 11 or 12

Subject Area/Course Credit: Elective, 1 credit

Prerequisite:  C- or above in Broadcast Journalism I or previously a member of the Lion’s Roar Club for one year.


This is an intermediate broadcast journalism course with a focus on honing writing, reporting, and producing skills for both the Lion’s Roar website and weekly show. This elective builds upon the basics of journalism, asking students to continue improving their writing, reporting, and production techniques to produce compelling news stories. Students will work in the field to produce breaking news and student interest feature stories. The program is modeled after a real world local network newsroom where students master every aspect of broadcast journalism (behind and in front of the camera). Additionally, students in the program will collaborate to produce short documentary films where they explore contemporary issues. It is expected that students are a part of the Lion’s Roar Club.