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Broadcast Journalism III

Grades: 11 or 12

Subject Area/Course Credit: Elective, 1 credit

Prerequisite:  C- or above in Broadcast Journalism II and/or member of the Lion’s Roar club with recommendation from Ms. Martin/Mr. Taylor

This is an advanced broadcast journalism course with a focus on student leadership and mentorship, as well as a continued study of writing, reporting, and producing for both the Lion’s Roar website and weekly show. This is an advanced course for students that have successfully completed Broadcast Journalism I and II and have been a member of the Lion’s Roar club for a year. Students in Broadcast Journalism III will develop leadership skills, learn the business economics of television news, explore college and career pathways within the industry, and develop ethics and best practice policies for our program. In the leadership program, students will provide mentorship for less-experienced students enrolled in other Broadcast Journalism courses (Grades 9-12) and club members. It is required that students are a part of the Lion’s Roar Club.