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Coordinated Science I


Grade: 9

Subject Area/Course Credit: Science, 1 credit

Prerequisite: None

Coordinated Science I provides a challenging learning environment which stimulates curiosity, discovery and critical thinking. In order to make connections and develop an understanding of concepts, students’ questions are used to drive learning and identify misconceptions in each unit.

Students will engage in various activities, including open-ended investigations and engineering projects which support learning habits with a particular focus on the scientific method and engineering design cycle. Increasing students’ ability to use and interpret scientific data about the natural world is vital to improving scientific literacy. Embedded in each unit are opportunities for students to construct explanations or models using data and scientific knowledge; this helps deepen their understanding by making connections between concepts. Opportunities will be given to evaluate experimental results and design solutions by considering the validity and reliability of data sets as they reflect on their work and that of others.

Assessment criteria are grouped into four strands: Knowledge and concepts, investigating practices, sense making practices and critiquing practices.

Units of Study:

  • Unit 1: What matters?

  • Unit 2: How do you maintain a stable existence?

  • Unit 3: Why and how do we move?

  • Unit 4: How does biodiversity affect us?

  • Unit 5: Energise

  • Unit 6: Why don’t we fall through the floor?