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English Literature / AP English Literature


Grades: 11 and 12

Subject Area/Course Credit: English, 1 credit

Prerequisite: We recommend that students enrolling in AP English Literature have a C+ or above in English 10, or teacher recommendation

Why is literature important? What makes great fiction? How do writers speak to us across time and space? The English Literature course is designed to explore these questions and many more through a rigorous study of the art of reading and writing about fictional texts. Over the course of the year, students will read, analyze, discuss, and write about a variety of forms, including the novel, short story, poetry, and drama. Students will work to develop sophisticated interpretation and reading strategies as well as their own synthesis, argumentation, and writing skills. As students develop the abilities necessary for university and the workplace, students will have the opportunity to explore new worlds, ideas, and voices outside their own. As they experience different perspectives, students will begin to see how literature reflects our quest to understand humanity and the societies we create. Students will walk away better readers and writers, stronger critical thinkers, and hopefully lifelong lovers of literature. This course prepares students to take the AP Literature and Composition exam, if they so choose.