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English Research and Composition / AP Seminar / AP Research


Grades: 11 and 12

Subject Area/Course Credit: English, 1 credit

Prerequisite: C- or above in English 10 or teacher recommendation. AP Research requires a C- or above in AP Seminar, or a teacher recommendation.

In a world of so much information, who knows what to believe? English Research and Composition explores the “real world” and asks students to consider differing perspectives on issues such as social pressure, propaganda, and artificial intelligence. Students will: examine a variety of informational texts and assess their credibility; learn to structure written arguments; and deliver powerful presentations. Past students continue to share how much opportunity there was to develop their own interests. You are encouraged to study what interests you. Examples of past student research topics include the popularity of competitive online-gaming, automation in the car industry, the mistreatment of models in the fashion industry. This course prepares students to take the AP Seminar exam, if they so choose.