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IB Geography SL and HL

(2-year course)


Grades: 11–12 (two-year course)

Subject Area/Course Credit: Social Studies, 1 credit each year

Prerequisite: SL no prerequisite. To enroll in the HL course students should earn a B or above  in History II or C or above in AP World history or teacher recommendation

IB Geography is a two-year course focusing on the interactions between individuals, societies and the physical environment, both in time and in space. It investigates the ways that people adapt and respond to change and evaluates management strategies that are related to change. The course examines key global issues such as poverty, population, sustainability and global climate change, and seeks to identify and understand the processes that lie behind various global patterns and trends. HL includes additional unit choices such as Global Risks and Resilience, Power, Place and Networks, Human Development and Diversity.