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IB Music SL/HL

(2-year course)


Grades: 11–12 (two-year course)

Subject Area/Course Credit: Creative Arts, 1 credit each year

Prerequisite: Students should have experience in vocal or instrumental music or music composition/production, in school or privately.

Experience with composing, producing, or performing on an instrument or voice highly recommended. Students who take private lessons, are in a music ensemble, have prepared theory exams, or have taken composition classes are often good candidates.

The IB Music Program is designed for the passionate musician. It is an exciting opportunity for composers and performers to take a deep dive into all aspects of music by exploring, performing, and creating. The IB Music curriculum is inclusive of students with wide-ranging personal and cultural musical backgrounds. Students in the course will personalise unique approaches to musical forms, genres and pieces. The exploration of diverse musical material is focused through the lenses of four areas of inquiry: music for sociocultural and political expression; music for listening and performance; music for dramatic impact, movement and entertainment; and music technology in the digital age. Students will leave the course with an understanding of the complete musician. They will gain confidence in the essential processes associated with music-making and develop as holistic musicians with experience as creators and performers.