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IB Theater Arts SL/HL

(2-year course)


Grades: 11–12 (two-year course)

Subject Area/Course Credit: Creative Arts, 1 credit each year

Prerequisite: C- or above in Acting and Directing, or another advanced theater course or teacher recommendation

Theater Arts SL and HL is a two-year course designed to develop personal, academic, aesthetic and practical theater skills and learn to understand the holistic nature of theater. Year 1 focuses on the skills and experiences required for Year 2. In Year 2 students prepare projects for grading. The three main focus areas of study are Theater in Context, Theater Processes, and Presenting Theater. The students will engage actively in the creative process, transforming ideas into action as inquisitive and productive artists. The course emphasizes the importance of working both individually and collaboratively as part of an ensemble. Students are asked to consider the cultural influences of theater, to go beyond the scripted page as an actor, director, or designer and experience theater as the audience. Students will take on the role of the Dramaturge and gain an understanding of the valuable role of research in the development of productions. There are three Projects in total for both SL and HL as part of the assessment for IB Theater. Note: HL students must present a solo theater piece in this course, which will be their fourth project for assessment.