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Independent Study: Learning Support

Grades: 11, 12

Subject Area/Course Credit: Elective course credit received, non-graded class

Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation

Learning Support aims to promote and provide academic support services to help students realize their educational goals. Coaching is provided so that students develop the following skills and competencies as self-directed learners.

— Positive student habits (study strategies, time-management, goal-setting, reflection)

— Academic skills

— Self-awareness

— Self-advocacy

— Self-directedness

Support is offered for students individually once per week or once per two weeks during a dedicated block. Learning Support teachers assist students in developing strategies to help them achieve success within their mainstream classes. 

Students with diagnosed learning difficulties have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) so that all adults understand how best to accommodate their different learning needs in the classroom. Learning Support Independent Study is scheduled into the student’s timetable and students may receive credit for participating in the course and demonstrating progress in a mid year and end of year student-led conference.